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Sharing my experiences as a Gen X caregiver

I recently had the privilege of sharing my caregiving experience as member of Generation X on the Rodger That podcast.

Every generation faces its own unique challenges when it comes to the family caregiving experience. It’s difficult no matter what age you are! My parents were older when they had me so I faced caregiving duties a bit younger than most in my generation. Women especially are vulnerable to being forced to leave the workforce to provide family care, which has a ripple effect not only on one’s current financial situation, but also for retirement savings. This is what I now have to contend with as I’m way behind in saving for retirement, while also facing a risk that the government will not continue to fund Social Security at its current levels by the time I reach eligibility. Gen Xers on the older end of the spectrum are also reaching an age where we will face more age discrimination in the workplace. So the ability to make up lost financial ground becomes even more of a challenge.

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Millennials and Gen Z members also can find themselves facing an unexpected family care crisis that requires them to derail their life plans just as they are becoming independent young professionals. Long-term caregiving situations can cause one to postpone having children or making career changes. The pandemic has thrown a wrench into just about everyone’s life, with even more people taking on caregiving responsibilities with little to no experience.

There are also positive takeaways, as some members of younger generations are embracing aging issues. From intergenerational roommate services to apps and services being developed by younger people to help improve the quality of life of our elders, there is hope that our youth will continue to embrace these noble goals as they age. It indeed takes a village.

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A Princely passing

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Even though as a member of the media I was among the first to learn of Prince’s death, it still is quite a shock that a musical icon of my childhood is gone.

For us Gen X’ers, Prince was that rock ‘n roll guy, that dance music guy, that sexy music guy … he had a prime position on the soundtrack of our childhood and adolescence.

Of course, like most creative types, he came with controversy. Many of my classmates were restricted or forbidden from listening to Prince, who early in his career produced songs with sexually explicit lyrics and themes.

My mother, Southern Baptist-raised, was NOT one of the critics.

I remember my mom actually enjoying his music. She loved Prince’s style, his energy, his passion. Mom loved those who were different.

So it was appropriate that Prince died on the 11-month anniversary of my mother’s death. Maybe Mom is finally getting to be a Prince groupie somewhere on the other side. I think Prince in turn would have accepted fans of all kinds, even ones with thick Southern accents.


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