Being in the moment

As caregivers, it’s not just our bodies that are put to the test, it’s our minds as well.

I find that I spend very little time in the moment. Part of my mind is always mulling over the latest brewing health crisis or fragile financial state.

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2014-11-03 14.59.12-1

Today I decided to go for a long walk in the park. After a raw and cold weekend, today was sunny and beautiful. I was near the end of my walk when I came upon a man feeding the ducks and geese by the park’s lake.

In the middle of the quacking flock, a young blue heron stood stock-still. It seemed very focused on the water, and while completely still, ready to spring into motion.

The man feeding the birds said that the young one had not learned how to hunt yet, but was practicing by stalking prey in the water below.

I allowed myself to just absorb the scene for several minutes.

My patience paid off. Eventually the young bird took flight.

An hour’s respite turned out to be more rewarding than I could have imagined. Sometimes it is the simplest things that can make the biggest difference in our daily routine.

How do you spend precious solitary moments away from caregiving duties?


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2 responses to “Being in the moment

  1. letstalkaboutfamily

    You are so right about the mind being occupied by caregiving most of the time even when we are doing other things. I think that is what wears out so many of us caregivers I am glad you found a way to recharge. Nature helps me too when I take the time to focus on it. I guess we need to get away more often!

  2. Hi Joy, I, too take walks daily if I can to see the beauty along the Hudson River in Manhattan. Last month, a red-tailed hawk was sitting on the low fence along the river. He had a squirrel in his tines and I just stopped and watched him for awhile. I know he had killed his prey, but what a wonder to see him up so close. Come January, my husband and I will be living in and become caretakers of his 91 year-old mother with dementia. She lives by the ocean and I hope to take walks on the boardwalk and start swimming at the recreation center. Your post on being in the moment and having some solitary time is so important as we caretake.

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