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Being in the moment

As caregivers, it’s not just our bodies that are put to the test, it’s our minds as well.

I find that I spend very little time in the moment. Part of my mind is always mulling over the latest brewing health crisis or fragile financial state.

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Today I decided to go for a long walk in the park. After a raw and cold weekend, today was sunny and beautiful. I was near the end of my walk when I came upon a man feeding the ducks and geese by the park’s lake.

In the middle of the quacking flock, a young blue heron stood stock-still. It seemed very focused on the water, and while completely still, ready to spring into motion.

The man feeding the birds said that the young one had not learned how to hunt yet, but was practicing by stalking prey in the water below.

I allowed myself to just absorb the scene for several minutes.

My patience paid off. Eventually the young bird took flight.

An hour’s respite turned out to be more rewarding than I could have imagined. Sometimes it is the simplest things that can make the biggest difference in our daily routine.

How do you spend precious solitary moments away from caregiving duties?


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Feeding the ducks on a Sunday afternoon

As I was watching a man feed a large group of ducks at the park this morning, I thought about our common family outings. I’ve written before about how we enjoyed park outings. There was only one park that had ducks, and I was eager to feed them each time we visited.

That started with food, of course. Anything Dad and I refused in our lunches was fair game. I can just hear my dad voicing his dislike of a new cracker or chip my mom tried to give him: “Those things were tasteless. Just like cardboard.” Into the duck bag they went.

After the ducks were fed, it was time for our own dinner. That usually meant a trip to the nearby IHOP. I think my dad would get a rotisserie chicken entree. We always set in the same booth and the rotisserie was right in my line of vision so I would watch the birds turning over and over. My mom always ordered the Mexican salad served in a giant tostada shell. I remember being fond of the chocolate chip pancakes at one point.

Simple memories, but sometimes those are the best kind to remember.

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