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Honoring caregivers during difficult times


I’d like to take this moment to express my gratitude to all of the caregivers who have gone above and beyond the call of duty to care for their clients during the coronavirus pandemic. If there is anything positive to come out of this difficult period in our history, it is that the duties of care workers are absolutely essential and have been undervalued by society.

As Ai-Jen Poo writes in the article, Bringing Dignity Back to Essential Work, “I think we have a moment where we’re all taking a step back and seeing just how many people are powering our economy that we just never saw before, that we never valued appropriately, and who keep us safe but we haven’t kept them safe.” Think about the essential workers who have made our lives easier during lockdown, including caregivers, grocery store workers, and delivery drivers. These are roles many have taken for granted, but no more. “Once you see the value of what somebody brings to your life, your safety, your community, your economy, it’s hard to unsee that,” Poo writes. I couldn’t agree more.

Immigrants, women and people of color make up a large part of the caregiver workforce, including those who provided care to my parents. As we take stock during these challenging times, we have the opportunity to address past mistakes, such as underpaying care workers and not providing them with the benefits and the community support they need and deserve. This is not an idealistic, but realistic endeavor. As Poo points out, care workers allow the rest of us to go do our jobs, increasing productivity across the board.

I’m donating to Caring Across Generations to support their work in elevating the dignity and rights of caregivers. I encourage you to support your local caregivers in whatever way you can.


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Tracing Dad to The Bronx

So on my continued quest to follow Dad’s early years in America, I present another one of Dad’s former NYC residences. Next stop: 1650 Topping Avenue in The Bronx.

Building in The Bronx where my father once lived. Image: Google Maps.

Building in The Bronx where my father once lived. Image: Google Maps.

The building looks to be in decent shape, though from what I gather, the neighborhood isn’t the best. The Bronx Historical Society offers interesting perspectives from former Bronx residents who lived in the neighborhood around the time my Dad resided there. Historic Claremont Park is just steps away and is one of the neighborhood’s oldest greenspaces. I found a blog post from a doctor who talks about playing punch ball as a kid in Claremont Park from 1948-1953, just a few years before Dad lived in the area.

I’m enjoying my virtual tracing of Dad’s life in this country. I love history so learning more about such iconic areas of the U.S. is a treat.

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